Friday, 21 September 2012

Days 52 - 63 (27 days left!)

We're into the last third of our banding season, but we still haven't seen the peak yet. Here's an update on the last few days: 

Day 52 – September 10th
It rained heavily last Sunday night/Monday morning for the first time in quite a while. While the day was not too eventful in terms of bird, the damp grass meant the herptiles were out and about. There were nearly a dozen Rough-Skinned Newts moseying around the grass by the front nets, and Red-Legged Frogs near the back nets.
The most toxic animal in North America
Red-legged frog

Also, the owl nets went up today!

And Ann brought me a new chair. I almost need a ladder to sit in it. 
It's a high chair, Brian, not a highchair.

Day 55 – September 13th
Of course, exciting things happen on my day off.
While doing a check of the back nets, Brian chased what he thought was (literally) the tail-end of a mink away from Net 13. As it turns out, it was much bigger than a mink.
Gratuitous Harry Potter reference.

Day 57 – September 15th
Broke the record for number of RBNU’s caught in a year today (the record is 19, right now we’ve banded 23)!

Slow day today, only 24 birds banded.

Day 58 – September 16th
Interesting recapture today: a PSWS that was first banded in 2009!  
He hasn't been recaptured before today.

Number of birds banded today: 35

Day 61 – September 18th
Another new species today! Swamp Sparrow. They look a bit like a Lincoln’s Sparrow whose stripes have been erased.They're not very common birds, so this guy's pretty special.
Swampy didn't want his picture taken.

Also, someone at Owls has an artistic streak!

Day 62 – September 20th
New species today: Audubon’s Warbler. 
Broad-Winged Hawks were observed on census!
Also, two elk (I know, ELK!) were spotted in the upper ponds. Ian saw them, but they didn’t stay long enough for Brian and I to take a look.
A very pretty adult male MacGillivray's Warbler.

Number of birds banded today: 52

Day 63September 21st
Bird #2000 was banded today (it was a Hermit Thrush)!
Historically, today was supposed to be the busiest day of the season, but we weren’t exactly overwhelmed. Likely, our peak days will be sometime next week if it decides to rain… please come and help us out!  

Number of birds banded today: 56

 So, here's our board at the end of day 63! *'s indicate species whose record has been broken this year. 
And I did try to draw an elk but it went very poorly and I had to destroy the evidence.

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